The AT-RISC Toolbox
The AT-RISC Toolbox:
  • Provides free educational materials to educate transplant recipients and their healthcare providers on the increased risk of skin cancer following solid organ transplantation.
  • Contains patient educational brochure*, an office poster, transplant skin cancer fact sheet, professional presentations, and access to scientific literature.
  • Is available - free - online through PDF-versions of all materials, which can be easily reproduced at a local print shop
*Order print copies of the patient brochure by email (info@itscc.org). The only cost is the cost of shipping. Please include your UPS or FedEx account number, the number of brochures you are ordering, and the ship to name, address and phone.
The AT-RISC Toolbox was produced through a unique collaborative effort between the International Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative, International Transplant Nurses Society and Transplant Recipients International Organization.
This project has been made possible by unrestricted educational grants from Connetics.
Contributors to the AT-RISC Toolbox
International Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative
Dr. Clark Otley
Professor of Dermatology
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Dr. Thomas Stasko
Associate Professor, Dermatology
Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine
Whitney Tope, MD
Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Dermatology
University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Ryutaro Hirose
Assistant Professor of Surgery in Residence
University of California, San Francisco
Kelly Hughes
Former Executive Administrator
International Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative
Fiona O’Reilly Zwald, M.D.
Metropolitan Dermatologic Surgery
Atlanta, GA
International Transplant Nurses Society
Beth Kassalen
Executive Director
Bonita M. Potter RN, CCTC
Pre Liver Transplant Coordinator/ Living Liver Donor Coordinator
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Barb Schroeder, MS, RN, CNS
Transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Kathy Schwab, RN, CCTC
Transplant Center Clinical Manager
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Transplant Recipients International Organization
Elizabeth Rubin
Former Past President
Kenna Sullivan
Nephrology Social Worker
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Michael Chen
Debbie Proudfoot
WeissComm Partners
Terri Clevenger
Karen Halsey
The AT-RISC Toolbox