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Skin cancer is the most common cancer affecting solid organ transplant recipients, affecting up to 70 percent of patients within 20 years, and is the result of intense immunosuppressive regimens.
While skin cancer can be prevented and easily treated when caught early, a subset of high-risk patients is severely affected. These patients develop dozens or even hundreds of skin cancers per year, which reduces their quality of life and can be life-threatening.
Studies of skin cancer education for transplant recipients have shown that patients have poor knowledge even after receiving instruction at dismissal from the hospital.
The key to protection is the patient – who through repetitive education from various sources (e.g. their transplant team, dermatologist and organizations like AT-RISC) will understand their increased risk for skin cancer, use effective sun protection methods, know how to recognize possible skin cancers, and seek prompt treatment that can literally save their life.
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